raven ridge systems

I picked up a Lenovo Ideapad 530s running AMD's 2500U and ran into a few troubles getting Arch Linux running on it. From the research I have conducted, these issues seem to effect all Raven Ridge laptops and all Linux distros.

There is a problem with the MP2 I2C controller driver initially written by AMD for recent Raven Ridge based laptops, this can cause the touch screen and touch pad to not function. Re-work is under-way and can be found here. I installed the newer driver and as of writing, this is in a usable state for me. Occasionally the touch pad will stop functioning for a few seconds and dmesg shows a read timeout error, there's an open issue tracking the problem.

Sometimes when the amdgpu driver kicks in during boot, the screen will freeze or go black. A reboot will normally clear this, still looking for a longer term solution.

I built a NAS 3 months ago using the desktop 2400G APU. I was unable to get a functioning graphical environment working, I also was unable to get the hardware video decoders working. This time around with the 2500U, wayland is working well and ffmpeg is able to use Vega's VCN. This allows Firefox and VLC to playback 10bit HEVC content which is really cool.

It's worth noting that it was not that long ago when Raven Ridge based systems (including the desktop 2200G and 2400G APU's) were not usable at all. I suspect it won't be too long until these systems just work out of the box.

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